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Managing your contingent workforce
Casual Workforce Management
Better understand your staffing spend, enable total visibility and management of your contingent workforce and agencies

Persona helps to understand your staffing spend through visibility and management of the contingent workforce and agencies.


With Persona’s technology, your company can drive efficiencies, streamline processes and enable visibility and control. Tasks become more manageable and organisations are able to scale with greater ease. The right technology provides the data to enable you to make the right choices when managing your contingent workforce.


Human Capital is more than “employees”. Business success is achieved by having the right people at the right time to help you reach, achieve and exceed your business goals.

Leading companies and HR professionals know that acquiring high-quality talent is vital for a successful long term business strategy. Whether hiring permanent workers or contingent workers, the quality of the hire is invaluable.

Persona helps businesses increase profitability and ensure performance and productivity requirements are achieved.